Hollow legs

An ex boyfriend of mine used to joke that I must have a hollow leg. We’d go out to eat and I’d clean my plate every time. The look on his face could be described as part bemused/part horrified. And he was so confused as to why my weight always stayed constant when I ate like a truck driver. I admit I’ve always had a healthy appetite. I’ve considered challenging whatshisname on Man Vs. Food.  I thnk I could win. But my legs are not hollow and I’m not bulemic so how can I eat so much food and not gain weight.

Well as I mentioned before, if someone diets and doesn’t eat enough calories their body will never be satiated and they will always be starving. This usually leads to binging and sometimes to an eating disorder. But I will not lie and say I can eat ANYTHING I want in enormous quantities and not gain weight. I am one of those very carb sensitive people who can just look at a piece of bread and gain weight. So I treat myself to a carb day once a month and get it out of my system. The rest of the week I stick to protein (eggs, fish,beef, pork, chicken) vegetables (mostly green, yellow or orange veggies), 1-2 piece of fruit a day and healthy fats like extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil.

That particular night we were eating at a Mexican restaurant. He ordered a margarita and the tamales. His dish was carb heavy due to the tamales and the rice and heavy on the saturated fat because of the cheese. Now if you are NOT trying to lose weight then I say go ahead and knock yourself out. But if you are trying to lose 5, 10 or more pounds then you need to make some adjustments. When I eat out at a Mexican restaurant I always order the sizzling fajitas. I ask them to use very little oil and to mainly use peppers and mushrooms. I usually order the shrimp because they are delicious and very low in calories. I can eat an entire platter of the fajitas (sans the tortillas, sorry) and not feel deprived. And unlike my dinner companion….I don’t feel like I gained 10 pounds and need to take a nap.

If I know I will be eating dinner out I will usually adjust my calorie intake that day. I will eat lighter than usual during the day and splurge a little at dinnertime. If my dinner companion is ordering dessert I will let myself have a taste but not order my own and I try and steer them towards one of the lighter desserts….say a sherbert as opposed to a creme brulee.

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