Last supper

On weekend mornings I like to take Sienna with me to a local coffee shop for my decaf Americano.  I sit outside and read the paper while Sienna stares at me….for an hour. It’s not hard to guess what she is thinking. I’m sure it usually has something to do with food….”what is Deb eating? will she give me a piece? is anything going to drop on the floor? I better not take my eyes off her so I don’t miss anything.”  Since I’m usually only drinking coffee she gets all excited for nothing. But it preoccupies her and keeps her from barking at all the big dogs.

Anyway, this morning I decided to go to this great Cuban coffee shop in my neighborhood called El Diablo. It’s a whimsical, colorful place with images of the devil painted on the walls and scattered throughout the shop.   In addition to their wonderful espresso drinks I enjoy listening to the barista. He has a very dry sense of humor, which as a very cynical ex New Yorker,  I enjoy very much. He surprised me with a great image in my Americano. I had my iPhone with me and took a picture. Now anyone can paint with a paint brush. I’ve even seen elephants do this. But how many people can paint an image using steamed milk?

This morning the discussion between him and his customers was about the Rapture. To be honest I totally forgot it was today. The jokes were flowing back and forth…..can you escape the rapture by flying to another time zone…if I’m left behind can I have that woman’s Jimmy Choo sandals etc. I needed a good laugh and I got it. It also started me thinking…if today was really the day the world was scheduled to end… what would I want as my last supper.  Needless to say it’s going to be heavy on the carbs.

So here is what I would want to eat as my last meal:

I’d start off with a good Kettle One dirty martini with 2 olives

Then bring on the bread! A whole loaf of a good crusty Italian bread with lots of butter

Then as an appetizer it would be a slice of garlic crimini mushroom pizza from Gioia Pizza in the bay area

Then another martini

For the main course…and this is a difficult one as there are so many…but I think it would have to be my mom’s pot roast. It is to die for (appropriate under these circumstances)…… with buttered noodles

Or maybe a whole lobster with drawn butter. It’s been ages since I had this.

Or a 1 lb. rib eye from El Gaucho cooked medium rare and creamed spinach on the side

Desert is easy. It would be a toss up between pecan pie and my creme brulee. I usually don’t brag but I make a kick-ass creme brulee. The recipe is from the restaurant at the Eiffel Tower and I modify it slightly. It is decadent and a few ex boyfriends have blamed me for making them fat as they can’t resist it. You know what…I think I’ll just have both, why choose, right? And at this point I’d be cursing my stomach for only holding a limited amount of food.

Oh and maybe another martini.

That’s it. After that meal I’d feel like dying anyway. Which is why I never eat huge 3-4 course meals anymore. But that’s another blog entry….

What would you like as your last meal?

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3 Responses to Last supper

  1. extremechocoholic says:

    I like your choices. My last meal would be loaded with fat. I try and eat very low fat when I am dieting and I crave fatty foods so give me a big thick steak and don’t trim the fat. Maybe some pomme frittes. And for dessert it would have to be ice cream. Maybe a salted caramel ice cream with lots of whipped cream on top.

  2. mollybird1 says:

    I love your choices. For me it would be a big breakfast of a cheese omelette, loads of bacon and a good strong pot of coffee.
    For dinner, the most garlicky shrimp scampi imaginable with a big loaf of Italian bread to soak up all the buttery sauce. And tiramisu to top it all off.

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