Most of us are our own worst enemies.  We may be sick due to unhealthy lifestyle choices WE decided to make. Or depressed because WE choose to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Or we are overweight because WE made bad food choices. Of course not every bad thing that happens to us is due to a choice we decided to make.  Sometimes its the choices other people decide to make and we just happen to be in the way. Nothing you can do about that.

But at least as far as your health and your weight are concerned there are choices you can make to be as healthy and fit as possible.

When someone overeats it is due to the fact that they are deciding to give in to their  cravings at the moment due to stress, boredom or to self medicate. They are choosing to live in the moment as opposed to thinking about the big picture.  How many of us would overeat if the pounds immediately showed up on our bodies? Sometimes it can take days of overeating before your jeans no longer fit and then panic sets in. That’s why I try and weigh myself every 2-3 days. If I was a little lax on watching what I ate and I gained a pound then I can adjust for a few days to get back on track. Avoiding the scale is not practical. I have a friend who did not weigh herself for a year. It was obvious that she had gained a considerable amount of weight but it wasn’t until a visit to her doctor confirmed that she had put on 100 lbs. that she believed it. And then she was depressed and ate even more.

So before you make that decision to get in shape, be committed to making the choice that what counts is how healthy and trim you look in the future, not how good that french fry is going to taste at the moment. And trust me, when you start to lose the excess weight you will begin to get positive feedback from those around you. That alone feels better than any food tastes at the moment and the positive effects it will have on your self esteem lasts much longer as well.

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One Response to Choices

  1. extremechocoholic says:

    I could not agree more. No one holds a gun to our head to make us overeat. It’s a decision we make on a daily basis.

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