Organic vs. non-organic or expensive vs. cheap

Every time I go into Whole Foods I leave with a small bag of groceries and a lot less money.  I love whole Foods but it just kills me how expensive everything is and I get a little aggravated. But then I try and remember that I am supporting the organic farmer who works really hard to grow delicious, nutrient dense food. It’s labor intensive and pesticide free.  I also remind myself that while it may cost twice as much for that carrot, the carrot I am buying is loaded with nutrients and the cheaper carrot is…well….crunchy. It probably has some nutrients in it but nowhere near as much as the organic version and it has not been sprayed with pesticides.  Its a sad fact that much of the soil our foods are grown in has been stripped of it’s nutrients thanks to decades of intensive agricultural methods. And don’t even get me started on the difference in taste!!!  I think the majority of people eat vegetables because we have to, not because we want to. So if you are going to eat fruits and vegetables to improve your health, why not get the healthiest food you can buy, right?

Organic vegetables will start to spoil after a few days so I highly recommend that you buy them with the intent to use them asap. If you are buying a pound of broccoli to make a healthy stir fry but know that you will be working late and have no time to cook until the weekend, then wait until the weekend to buy it.

In a few weeks the farmers markets will be starting up in Seattle and probably in your city as well. I highly encourage you to frequent them and get to know the local farmers and show them your support. It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors!

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One Response to Organic vs. non-organic or expensive vs. cheap

  1. greenbean2339 says:

    It bugs me as well and I try to eat about 75% organic. I really need to try and grow my own organic vegetables in my own garden

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