Guilt- free healthy snack #2- Blue Diamond Natural Oven Roasted Almonds

I’m nuts about this snack. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

What do I love about it? Well for one they are delicious. I’ve tried the dark chocolate and the sea salt. They taste fresh and satisfy my salt craving. The dark chocolate variety are just ever so lightly dusted with cocoa powder so they satisfy my sweet tooth as well. I can’t wait to try the cinnamon sugar and even the wasabi flavor. They come in a handy little pouch that you can throw in your handbag or pocket.  Keep a stash in your desk for when the 3 PM blahs hit.

I mentioned that I like to have (4) 100 calorie snacks throughout the day and this is usually one of them. I love that they have pre-measured it for me. If I had a whole jar of nuts I would find it kind of hard to stop at just 10 so I love that this is already pre-measured into a 100 calorie snack.

If you are feeling a little more productive you could buy almonds in bulk and count out 10-12 depending on their size and put them in little baggies to have on hand.

They are also 100 calorie cookie snacks out there but you know better than to buy them. You know they will raise your blood sugar and give you an initial energy burst but then in a few hours you will crash. And your body will say feed me more because there is no nutrition in that little bag of cookies.

As opposed to almonds which are a terrific healthy snack and rich in vitamin E (35% recommended daily intake) and calcium (8%) per 1 oz. (30g) serving. Almonds contain mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are the healthy fats . They have very little saturated fat. And a recent study found that the fiber in almonds actually blocks some of the saturated (or bad fat) from being digested and absorbed.

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One Response to Guilt- free healthy snack #2- Blue Diamond Natural Oven Roasted Almonds

  1. greenbean2339 says:

    I tried these last week and they are good and addicting. I didn’t see the cinammon sugar variety. That does sound yummy. Will look for them. Thanks for the rec.

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