It’s dead (food), Jim………….


Whenever I see someone who needs to lose weight eating one of those frozen low calorie meals (they shall remain nameless, I’d hate to piss off that company whose name starts with an “S”), I want to scream.

I used to eat those low cal frozen dinners myself and found it amusing they all tasted exactly the same. And I never felt full after eating them. As a matter of fact, I usually felt hungrier and I couldn’t figure out why.

It wasn’t until I learned a little about food and nutrition that it started to make sense. Have you ever looked at the ingredients? A dinner of chicken, veggies and rice has an ingredient list of about 30 items when it should have no more than maybe 10. That’s the first thing that should tip you off that it’s not good for you The sodium content is usually very high, it might contain MSG and even a few different types of sugars. While you might get some protein from the chicken, the vegetables are dead food. They’ve been cooked until they are preactically mush and then frozen. Dead food……

If you are like most people who diet, you are probably starving by lunch-time and this little t.v. dinner is starting to sound like a 5 star meal. Then it takes you all of 5 minutes to eat it. Because it is nutritionally void your body says “wha!!?? that’s it? that’s all you are going to feed me??….. well I’ll show you! I’m going to drive you crazy with cravings until you eat that whole bag of cookies in the kitchen.”

You can’t blame your body. It just wants some real food and you thought you could trick it into thinking it was full. How’s that workin’ for ya??

I hope I’ve convinced you to at least reconsider eating those diet meals. It’s a total waste of 200 calories IMO.

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One Response to It’s dead (food), Jim………….

  1. greenbean2339 says:

    Love the title! I gave up the diet dinners as well. I could eat 5 at one sitting and of course would only have 1. Then I’d be starving and an hour later start snacking on chips or cookies. Good advice for everyone to follow. Thank you

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