Oh happy day!!……if you have Celiac

I’m always looking for new gluten free products to share with my friends with Celiac. 7 years ago if you were diagnosed with Celiac and you were a carb freak like me you were one very unhappy camper. When I was first diagnosed I remember thinking that I would rather not eat bread than eat what was available at the time.

Fast forward 7 years. Now there are at least 4 companies with gluten-free products on the market that are excellent. The cakes, cookies, pies etc are all delicious and if I gave you a sample and did not tell you it was gluten-free I doubt  you could tell. However, the bread products still look a little suspect. They are slightly smaller than your typical slice of bread and the texture  is still a little different from a regular slice of bread but when toasted they taste like regular bread!!

I recently received some samples from a NY company called Katz Gluten Free Products. Unfortunately Katz’s products are not available at the Whole Foods or any of the major supermarket chains in Seattle yet so I have to order them on line… which can be pricy. But if you order over $30 worth of their products the shipping is free. So I am on a mission to convince Whole Foods to carry them.

Here is their website:


It says they operate out of a facility that has been certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group ®. And their products are Kosher as well!

They make quite an extensive line of yummy cookies, pastries, cakes and breads. Being Jewish, I especially loved their challah bread, rugelech  and marble cake.

I grew up eating marble cake and haven’t had any in decades but this is how I remember it tasting. 

Now I need to stress that because I am carb sensitive I only eat these products as a treat maybe once or twice a month. And I may try making a grilled cheese sandwich with the bread
using lite Laughing Cow cheese and counting it as a 2-300 calorie meal on occasion and see how I do. I am also thinking of trying to make very small croutons out of their bread for a salad. If you are not carb sensitive then have a blast but don’t overdo it.

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5 Responses to Oh happy day!!……if you have Celiac

  1. I don’t know if you have heard of Herbalife but we have a newly developed Healthy Meal Shake that is gluten free and an excellent source of protein.

  2. You can only get Herbalife through a Distributor if you want more information just let me know.

  3. I don’t have Celiac but have recently found out I am Gluten intolerant (the best I can tell anyway). I might check out these Gluten-free treat options. It’s hard to find treats that are gluten free and actually taste good. Have you been to Flying Apron Bakery in Freemont? Their baked googies look delicicious. I tried quite a few of them and honestly wasn’t impressed but their fruit cobbler thingy was delicious! Also, I find I can eat Spelt Bread. If any of your readers are like me you they should definately try Dave’s Killer Bread Spelt version! I actually like it more than wheat bread.

    • Debbie Cohen says:

      Hi Jess:

      Welcome to my world! Have you had the blood test or endocscopy? A diagnosis of celiac can be a little tricky at times as there can be false negatives and false positives with the blood test but the best way to diagnosis is just to listen to your own body.

      I have not tried Flying Apron yet. I read so so reviews at Yelp but still want to try it. Let me know if you do.

      I have been quite pleased with Udi’s and Rudi’s gluten free products and now Katz’s products. The desserts are delicious. As is the bread. Rudi’s and Udi’s are available at Whole Foods and Katz’s products you can order on line.

      As for spelt, the jury is not out yet. Same for oats. Spelt is a sub-species of wheat and does contain gluten. People who are allergic to wheat probably cannot tolerate spelt and might be best to avoid it, though some gluten intolerant people say that they are able to tolerate spelt.

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