A farmer’s market fit for a queen

My neighborhood is called Queen Anne. Named for an architectural style popular in the late 19th century, Queen Anne is a very pretty, vibrant,  family and dog friendly place that sits atop the highest hill in Seattle.  Hills are great because they offer you amazing vistas like this one below.

Hills are not so great in the middle of winter when the buses stop running because of the snow. Hills are great in the winter when they are covered in snow and you can ski or sled down them. Hills are not so great when covered in snow and you live at the top and have to walk up 5 of them to get home. Okay, where was I …ah yes…Queen Anne.

One of the cool things about Queen Anne is that it has it’s own farmer’s market every Thursday from 4-7 pm through October 6th. I rushed home from work so that I could take her highness for a walk and peruse the farmer’s market at the same time.  It’s a small farmers market but worth a trek to, none-the less.

The first booth was selling fresh hand-stretched mozzarella. They were offering samples and I forced myself….a few times….to sample it just so I could share the experience with you my dear readers. It was soft and warm with a delicate flavor. Like biting into a cheesy down pillow. The only thing that would have put it over the top is some of the fresh mozarella on a slice of ripe heirloom tomato, drizzled with a little aged balsamic vinegar and a pinch of sea salt.

While I was experiencing a party in my mouth, out of the corner of my eye I see Sienna eat something white off the ground. I am assuming it was a piece of the cheese. Whatever it was… she gave it 4 paws up.

Next booth was selling some gorgeous asparagus. I normally will not spend $4.00 on a bunch of asparagus but these looked so good and it was opening day so I figured what the hell. I plan to coat them with a little olive oil and roast them in the oven and finish them off with a little sea salt and parmesan cheese. When food is fresh and organic you don’t need to fuss with it too much. Doesn’t it look like a floral bouquet?

Moving on …we next encountered a booth selling my favorite food group….bacon. Yes, I eat bacon. The phrase everything is better with bacon….it’s true.  But I won’t eat just any bacon. I occasionally purchase organic, nitrate free bacon from Whole Foods. A couple of strips of bacon is not that high in calories. It is high in fat so it’s a treat every now and then.  I love their sign. I wonder what improper bacon tastes like?

But the highlight of the evening was the pork-mobile. The official name is Maximus Minimus and they are famous for their pulled pork sandwiches. I ordered the pulled-pork sandwich with maximus (spicy) sauce sans the bread with a side of the cabbage slaw in a spicy vinaigrette and I am devouring it while I write this. A pretty tasty low carb meal and enough for lunch tomorrow. Definitely worth a trip to the market for the pork alone and the kids will freak at the sight of the truck. Check out the license plate.

I should have purchased the pork at the very end because the smell was making me insane and I could not wait to get home and pork out.


I checked out a few more booths. I thought this was an interesting concept. Cup-a-salad! It’s a chopped salad in a cup with dressing that you add and then shake and voila! You have a fully dressed salad. I am going to try this at home as it seems like a smart idea. I love chopped salad anyway and this would be fun to take on a hike. But I’m not yet convinced that shaking the cup will distribute all the dressing. Waiter…I’ll have a glass of salad please! We’ll have to see about this.


Of course I had to torture myself and drool over the bread display.

Some lovely pink lady apples as a snack for tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the day when the weather warms up and we Seattlelites can actually sit outside at the market on the grass, listen to some music, and indulge in some of the goodies we just bought. Unfortunately, I’m told I will probably have to wait until after July 4th for that.

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One Response to A farmer’s market fit for a queen

  1. ginasteves says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I can’t wait until the farmers market starts in my neighborhood next week.

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