Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

I know quite a few people who never eat breakfast. I even know a few who say they CAN’T  eat breakfast, that they get physically ill. This post is for those people who don’t eat breakfast because they don’t have the time or are trying to lose weight.

WRONG!!!Very bad idea! It’s not easy to get everyone in the diet and nutrition business to agree on the best diet, but I think  everyone would agree that you need to eat something for breakfast.

The reason it’s called breakfast is because you are breaking the fast that occurs when you sleep. Get it? Break – fast.

When we starve ourselves or skip meals, our bodies actually hold on to body fat because of it’s high calorie concentration and because it’s an excellent source of energy and warmth. When we eat breakfast we accelerate our metabolism to become more efficient at burning calories. If you don’t eat breakfast, when lunchtime arrives you will be ravenous and are more likely to overeat.

Because I eat so many small meals throughout the day, I like to break my fast with fresh vegetable juice. About 90 minutes later I will have some protein, i.e. an egg white omelet with a little low fat cheese.

Breakfast should include some protein and a small amount of fat which, like protein, can help to stop hunger pangs and regulate blood sugar levels. A small amount of complex carbohydrates are fine as well.

If you are rushed for time, have some low sugar yogurt like Fage plain Greek yogurt on hand or a piece of fruit. No prep time is needed and it takes less than 5 minutes to eat. Or have a handful of almonds or a cold baked sweet potato. Even some leftover chicken or salmon. There’s no reason breakfast has to be about eggs or cereal.

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5 Responses to Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day

  1. Sarah Carrol says:

    I’m curious about the cold baked sweet potato. How do you cold bake it?

    • Debbie Cohen says:

      I guess I should have worded it differently. I meant that I bake a sweet potato and then put it in the fridge and eat it cold. I love sweet potatoes even more when baked and then served cold. They become sweeter. It satisfies my sweet cravings and is so healthy…loaded with vitamin A. They are kind of high in carbs but also contain fiber and so much nutrition.

  2. ginasteves says:

    You are right. I often skip breakfast because I don’t have the time and find that I have a headache mid-morning. I am going to try my best to at least grab a bannana. Thank you!

    • Debbie Cohen says:

      You are not alone. Many people have the same problem….a mid-morning headache due to no breakfast or just a cup of coffee. Good for you for making the change.

  3. I’m guilty of getting something sweet at Starbucks and a coffee drink. And then around 10AM I start to feel sleepy and not so good. I am going to try and drop the danish and coffee for breakfast and maybe switch to a hard boiled egg or piece of chicken and some tea for breakfast instead and see how I feel.

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