Milk is a four letter word

You can probably tell from the title that I am not a big fan of milk. I have had countless arguments with friends who find it blasphemous that I bash milk. They’ve been going to the same doctor for 30 years and their doctor recommends it for them and their kids as a great source of calcium. There’s no way their doctor could be wrong.  Darn it…I wish WordPress had that emoticon that rolls its eyes.

"Dietary protein increases production of acid in the blood which can be  neutralized by calcium mobilized from the skeleton." {American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1995; 61,4}

In other words….milk contributes to an acidic environment in your body and your body tries to neutralize the acid with calcium which it leaches from your bones. You thought you were doing right by your body when in actuality……just the opposite. Plus, if you are lactose intolerant (your body does not produce the enzyme lactase to digest milk), milk can be your enemy as well and cause pain, bloating etc.

That’s why I am so pleased to review a new product…..Silk Pure Coconut all natural coconut milk.

I recently switched from soy milk to almond milk and have not been thrilled about the taste. It doesn’t taste bad, it just lacks flavor and is very watery. I was at my supermarket, looking to try a new brand and saw this coconut milk. I love anything with the word coconut in it so I was pretty sure I was going to like this. I just didn’t know how much. It has a very nice, smooth consistency that is not watery at all and it has just a hint of coconut flavor, it’s not overwhelming at all nor is it sweet. Very nicely balanced and delicious.

It has 30% fewer calories than 2% milk, 15% more calcium and half the sugar. From their label: “coconuts are one of nature’s best sources of MCFA’s (medium chain fatyt acids)- special fats that are more easily burned as energy than other fats. ” And it provides 25% of the RDA of vitamin D and 50% of the RDA for B12. Take that milk! And did I mention it’s delicious? I think it would be a great addition to a smoothie, or in cereal or your morning coffee.

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