Guilt Free Healthy Snack #5

I recently  received a free sample of Cruncha Ma*me. The name is a play-on-words because the product is made from Edamame. If you frequent Japanese restaurants you’re probably addicted to Edamame,  the par-boiled soybeans in the pod.

Cruncha Ma*Me are Edamame that have been freeze-dried. There are 3 varieties:  lightly seasoned, “naked” or mixed with freeze dried corn and bell peppers. I tried all 3 and my fave is the lightly seasoned.

To say these are addicting, like the par-boiled version, is an understatement. They had me at the first taste. I love soybeans and these have a really nice crunch to them because they are freeze dried. I love that they come in a 90 calorie bag which is a perfect snack for me. I brought them along on a hike today and ate some before, during and after the hike. They satisfied my salt craving and the amount was just right. I know if I had a much larger bag I would have eaten the entire thing.

They contain a full serving of veggies, 30% of the RDA for vitamin C, and have only 5 “net” carbs. From their website: “Edamame is one of nature’s perfect foods, containing an ideal balance of complete plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates, mono-unsaturated fats, and powerful anti-oxidants. ” Because they are freeze-dried as opposed to baked or fried they retain most of their nutrients.

They taste good and are good for you. I would love to see moms feed this to their kids instead of potato chips. I think kids would love them.

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  1. I looked for these at Whole Foods and could not find them

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