Dear Diary…

I love food and I love the science of nutrition. That’s why I transitioned from eastern medicine into a more western approach to health. I still have enormous respect for Chinese Medicine but I am now focusing on the use of nutrition as a means for achieving the best health possible.

I counsel people on their diets…..whether it be to lose weight or address a specific health concern. The process includes a review of their current eating habits in a diary format. The hardest part is to get people to be as forthcoming as possible…i.e. if you ate an entire box of cookies I want to know about it. I promise not to scold you! LOL but I might be able to explain why you ate that box of cookies and offer some suggestions and support. With that in mind I have a request…….

If you send me a food diary for a minimum of 3 days and include at least one weekend day I will post it to the blog anonymously and offer feedback and suggestions. I need to know the time of day and approximate amount of food. For example:

Day One:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with one ounce of low fat cheese, 1 slice of whole grain toast with a pat of butter, one 4 ounce glass of orange juice

Mid-morning snack: 3 Pepperidge Farms mint milano cookies

Lunch: 1/2 Subway veggie sandwich, 1 Coke

etc, etc.

As soon as I receive the first response I will do a blog entry. Please send your food diaries as a comment which will only be read by me and not posted to the blog. Be as specific as possible. Include your current height,  weight and goal weight and any health issues or dietary restrictions you might have. I will then post it to the blog with my comments and without your name.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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2 Responses to Dear Diary…

  1. acwats says:

    I absolutely love your blog!!! Can I still submit my diet for you to review? I am 5’5″, 145 and looking to lose approx. 15-20 lbs. I have recently adopted a healthier organic eating lifestyle and would love to receive some feedback. I am an aerobics instructor and workout quite frequently but can’t seem to get the pounds to budge. Your insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

    • Debbie Cohen says:

      Thank you ACWATS for the compliment. I really appreciate it 🙂 Please send me 2-3 days of your diet and leave nothing out including condiments and drinks and I’ll be happy to review it

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