Ignorance is bliss?

There are days when I think to myself…..I wish I was blissfully ignorant about nutrition. If I was blisfully ignorant about nutrition and how it relates to my health I could eat a few donuts for  breakfast, snack on chocolate all day long, have a big ribeye steak with pomme frites for dinner every night followed by a pint of ice cream right before bed.

But alas….I know too much 😦

I am kidding of course, I am not really bummed out. I know that my knowledge will lead to a longer, healthier life……..but there are times where I wish I could walk into a bakery and buy some cookies and not worry about the negative effects of all the sugar and gluten……like just about everyone I know does.

I was especially frustrated lately when I came upon a new website as I was researching raw foods.  It said that when you eat cooked food (cooked as in baked, fried, broiled or even steamed) you lose the majority of the enzymes.  I already knew that but for some reason I thought litely steamed was okay. But according to this website….uh-uh. It mentioned that any form of cooking (except for sun sprouting) so denatures the food that your body is unsure of what it is that you are feeding it. It no longer resembles what it was when it was laid or plucked from the ground etc. Well that was just depressing. I thought that the steamed veggies and soups I was eating, in addition to the raw fresh fruits and veggies, were at least somewhat healthy since it was made from veggies and organic.

I know that when I feel healthy I can handle whatever life throws in my path and that growing older does not mean I have to live with aches and pains. And I want to feel as healthy as possible for the rest of my life. So I am going to try and eat at least 75% raw.

I think the reason most people try a raw diet and are unsuccessful is because they assume raw means salads, fruits and nuts all day long and they get bored in a week. That is definitely not true. There are tons of cookbooks out there with very creative recipes that are supposedly delicious. As a matter of fact I am very excited because I found out that Seattle has a raw foods cafe called Thrive. Here is a sample from their menu. Call me crazy but this actually sounds delicious and I’m looking forward to trying it. If I like it I will try and replicate it at home and post the recipe.

Bella Burgera nutty, savory patty made of mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, walnuts and spices. Topped with our special BBQ-ish Sweet Sauce, avocado, tomato and cucumbers

To drink I may have a chilled apple cider or ginger lemonade.

I know in my heart that a raw diet is the healthiest diet we humans can eat. I believe that if we all followed a raw diet and supplemented with freshly ground flax seeds for the Omega 3s (instead of fish which probably has mercury in it) that we will have no need to take pills of any kind (that goes for drugs and vitamin supplements) .

I plan to start my “mostly” raw diet tomorrow and will report back soon.

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