Diets for Dummies

While surfing the net I stumbled upon this list of diets (see below). I knew there were lots f crazy diets out there but I had no idea that there were this many. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even want to know what the  “Tapeworm Diet” is all about. No thank you.

Friends of mine used to joke that I had a tapeworm when I was young. I could really pack it away. Then everything changed when I turned 18. I started to gain weight only in the most annoying places. So I started to diet……but nothing worked. The more I restricted calories, the more weight I gained.  I was hungry and unhappy and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

It wasn’t until I cut back on simple carbs that I started to lose weight.  I ate a lot of low carb hi protein bars, meat, chicken and eggs.  The weight came off but I wasn’t healthy. I was plagued with migraine headaches and the quality of my life went downhill. If you give up carbs it means you are eating mostly protein and too much protein is hard on the kidneys. You will be thin but you won’t be healthy. If you eat too little fat (the good kind of fat) most likely you are unhealthy as well.

I switched to a diet consisting mainly ofhealthy fats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and a little cheese. I don’t restrict calories and I have not gained weight. And I feel great! That’s why I talk ad nauseum about adding fresh fruits and veggies to your diet. It’s hard to gain weight eating fresh raw food.  I know it’s not the most appealing, appetizing food,  but trust me….when your migraine headaches go away, when you start to have less aches and pains, when your type II diabetes resolves itself,  you won’t miss the candy and chips as much. You will start to think twice about the foods you eat and the effect it will have on your health.

Now for your reading pleasure…..check this out! Looks like there is still time to write the  12 day diet or the 24 day diet yet!

What’s the craziest diet you have ever been on?

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