Diet for a Healthy Planet

I attended a company meeting today and one of the topics on the agenda was the amount of garbage that we humans produce on a daily basis and how much of it is recyclable. It’s mind boggling.

It got me thinking about what I consume.

My diet these days is about as healthy as it gets. Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, some soups that come in a container that is recyclable, cottage cheese, flax seeds and flax seed oil, nuts and seaweeds.

One of the many wonderful things about fresh fruits and veggies, aside from the health benefits, is that for the most part they leave no garbage behind except for a rind, peel or core which can all be composted. When you go shopping you can use a re-usable bag so that a plastic bag is not even needed. I re-use the cottage cheese containers to store all sorts of things and I buy the nuts in bulk.

Imagine the impact on the planet if more people became vegetarians and ate mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Think about it.

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