Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm #2

Did any of you catch the recent feud between Paula Dean and Anthony Bourdain? The feud actually goes back-a-ways. Tony has never been a big fan of Paula’s obsession with butter. I enjoy watching Paula on occasion just because she is so over the top. Her show is true food porn for me.  I think most people expected her to drop dead of a heart attack.

So Paula apparently has had diabetes for a while and made the news because she announced that she was partnering with a drug company that makes a daibetes drug.

Now most people are aware that Type II diabetes responds well to diet and lifestyle changes. Lose weight, cut way back on carbohydrates and unhealthy fats and you will most likely be able to wean yourself off your cholesterol lowering drug and diabetes drug. But not Paula. She has decided to continue to advocate an unhealthy diet and take a drug that has side effects and will not cure her. This just disgusts me.

I know that Tony does not exactly lead the healthiest lifestyle but he is more of an observer/reporter on different cultures so I applaud the fact that he is calling her out on this.

I wish more movie/t.v. personalities would use their celebrity

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