Things that make me go hmmmmm #3

Please read this if you drink diet sodas.

A U.S. research team completed a 10 year study and linked diet sodas to increased risk of heart and liver disease as well as diabetes.

One of my missions with my blog is to provide healthy alternatives to unhealthy choices.

I used to be a serious diet soda addict. I know how addicting it can be. I also knew I had to stop cold turkey. I have found a healthy substitute and what works for me is carbonated mineral water like Calistoga to which I add a little stevia. I already happen to love Stevia. For some it’s an acquired taste. Stevia contains zero calories and zero carbohydrates just like a diet soda.  If it doesn’t appeal to you try adding a tiny bit of juice. Still low in calories and not toxic like diet coke.

If you are trying to eat healthy and you still include diet sodas you are taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

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