Foods I Can’t Live Without Series #4– Aged Parmesan Crisps

I was afraid of this. Kitchen Table Bakers sent me a free sample of their Aged Parmesan Crisps. I had a feeling that one taste would lead to a serious addiction and I was right.

Their crisps are made from aged parmesan cheese…and that’s it. How can you go wrong with something made out of aged parmesan cheese?  These treats are gluten free, sugar free and a serving of 3 crisps contain 20% of the RDA for calcium. Perfect if you are on a low carb, gluten free diet.

You really taste the exceptional salty parmesan cheese flavor and they have a very addictive crispy texture. Like a cross between a cracker and a potato chip. They are relatively low in calories (3 crisps contain 80 calories) which is not bad…if you don’t eat the entire container in one sitting like I did.

So why am I worried about becoming addicted to these snacks…..well mainly because of the price. They are not exactly a cheap treat. According to their website a 3-pack order is about $18, so they are about $6 a container. Definitely worth it though. I imagine they would be great crumbled over salads and in soups or with your favorite dip.  I could easily see myself having an $18 a day habit.

They come in 8 varieties and you can buy them on-line at their web site,  Amazon, Whole Foods Markets and 100’s of other retailers including Safeway and Super Walmarts.

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