Gluten free milk?


The term “gluten free” is everywhere these days.  Cookies, cakes, cereal, pasta, toothpaste…even dog food.  Some people see it as a fad, that it’s cool to be on a gluten-free diet because everyone is doing it. However, those of us with Celiac disease know it’s serious business and the difference between us having a good or bad day health-wise.

As a vegetarian with Celiac I have had to cut so much out of my diet in the last 7 years. I basically eat only fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, some dairy, nuts, certain grains and fish maybe once a month.

I was reading the news on-line this morning and came across an article that warned that there could be gluten in our milk supply. Gluten in milk?  Are they serious? How can that be?  I was very bummed to read that I might have to cut out dairy as well.

If your diet is gluten free and you still feel sick, consider the fact that the milk you drink could be from cows that are fed grain containing gluten. If you are concerned, as I am, this means you will also have to research all of the dairy products you consume…not just milk, but cottage cheese, yogurt and hard cheeses.

I use coconut milk in my tea but I do love cottage cheese and eat it on a daily basis. I am in the process of finding out if my brand uses milk from cows that are grass-fed.

Worrying about gluten in milk might seem a  little extreme…but I know how harmful eating the wrong foods can be and how deleterious it can be to one’s health. I think that a majority of health problems could be due to eating the wrong foods or not eating enough of the right foods.

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3 Responses to Gluten free milk?

  1. factsandflax says:

    This just adds to the list of reasons why cows should be fed a grass-fed diet, rather than grain fed.

    • Debbie Cohen says:

      Yes, including the fact that grass fed beef is higher in omega 3’s. Healthier for the cows as well as they get to move around more as opposed to standing in a stall munching on grain which just makes them fat.

  2. Never thought of gluten being in beef. Thanks for informing me

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