Eat Your Medicine!

Everyone should read this report below.–abc-news.html

This is serious stuff folks and they are not exaggerating. An uncle of mine was hospitalized for a heart problem about 5 years ago and almost did not make it out of the hospital because of a staph infection. The only thing that worked was a very strong and toxic antibiotic.

Think twice before you run to the doctor for antibiotics for your cold. If you take drugs for a chronic condition, especially antibiotics, you are weakening your immune system and liver and kidneys.

Try and adopt the belief that the food you eat determines whether or not you will be healthy and disease-free or sick with a chronic condition.  Of course other factors, such as environment and stress, are factors, but your diet plays a major part.

Food can be used to cure acute and chronic conditions as well. You can use a statin drug to lower your cholesterol or you can eat a low glycemic diet and add lots of garlic to your food.

When I was growing up the mantra was “take your medicine” if you want to get well.  Now the mantra should be eat your broccoli.

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