Product Review- Van’s Gluten-Free Waffles

You know the expression….. there are two kinds of people…as in you are either a dog or cat person…or you put ketchup on your hot dog instead of mustard. Well I think the same applies to waffles and pancakes.

I have always been a pancake person. Waffles….blah…they never interested me. Either they were too hard or too soggy and tasteless. That is until I tried Van’s Gluten Free Waffles.

Van’s makes a variety of  waffles (including organic, lite and gluten free).  They sent  me some coupons to try their waffles.  The gluten free variety come in plain, buckwheat, blueberry, apple cinnamon and flax . Their waffles are sweetened with fruit juice and 2 waffles contain 230 calories. They are also egg free.  I like to cook down some fresh fruit with a little stevia and use that as a topping.

The texture is a bit different from standard waffles. When toasted they are crunchy on the outside and very cake-like on the inside so they have a tendency to fall apart a bit when you put syrup or topping on them. But I really like the texture. It feels more like eating a piece of cake with a crispy coating. I tried the buckwheat, flax and blueberry flavors. The buckwheat flavor is not strong at all. I actually would have liked a more pronounced buckwheat flavor. The blueberry are very good but I think my favorite is the flax variety.

I also tried them with some almond butter and sliced bananas which was delicious.

If you are not a fan of waffles, give these a try. They just might change your mind.

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