Vegetarianism poses health risk??

I found this article very interesting. It’s too vague to make any judgements without knowing all of the details (who funded the studies, what kind of diet did these vegetarians actually eat, etc.). Most of the vegetarians I know are not healthy. Just because someone does not eat meat does not mean they have a healthy diet . If someone gives up meat and replaces it with candy or hi protein bars that could explain a lot. Or let’s say they forgo hamburgers but replace them with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread. On both of these diets you are not eating meat, you can technically call yourself a vegetarian, but you are getting almost no fiber and very little nutrition. When you give up animal products you have to be diligent about ensuring you get enough protein, iron and B12 in your diet. This means lots of leafy green veggies, nutritional yeast, beets etc. It’s not easy staying healthy on a vegetarian diet but it is definitely worth it.

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One Response to Vegetarianism poses health risk??

  1. Have to agree there. Most vegetarians eat a lot of junk food and think because they don’t eat meat that they are healthy

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