Gluten Free Bandwagon

Next Monday, Domino’s Pizza will be rolling out their pizza made with a gluten free crust. Seems like “gluten free” is everywhere these days. In some cases it is obvious folks are jumping on the bandwagon….like when you see juice labeled gluten free etc.

On the one hand this is good news because the more big chains that jump the better as it raises awareness. However, if you have Celiac you know that just because something does not contain wheat, rye, oats or barley it does not mean it is not 100 gluten-free. For that to happen the product would need to be produced in a dedicated facility or else you risk cross contamination.  Domino’s does mention that the pizzas are NOT made in a 100% gluten free environment and my guess is that most likely there will be some cross contamination.

If you have Celiac, even a little bit of wheat will set you back about a month in terms of healing. Is it worth it?

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