“They Can Put A Man On The Moon….”

I was diagnosed with Celiac around 2005. Prior to that I consumed a lot of products made with wheat…..cookies, bagels, cake etc on a daily basis. Hearing the diagnosis and being told that I could never eat wheat again was pretty depressing. I tried a few gluten free bread options and wound up throwing them out. I would frequently question why they could put a man on the moon, as the expression goes, but they can’t make a decent gluten free bread.

There are a few well known gluten free bread options out there and they are pretty good. I recently was sent a sample of Kinnikinnick’s white and multi-grain sliced breads and hot dog and hamburger buns and I was blown away by how good they are in terms of flavor and texture.

Most gluten free breads need to be toasted in order to be edible and some are so dense, especially when toasted, that it’s like biting into a hard candy.  Kinnikinnic’s gluten free breads are delicious and soft right out of the bag so you can make an actual sandwich without toasting the bread first.

When I first received the free sample I made a vegetarian sandwich on the multi grain bread. I am happy to report that their bread tastes like a regular gluten bread. Chewy with a nice whole grain taste. My only complaint is that I wished the slices were a little bigger, but on average they are slightly larger than most other gluten free breads on the market. I also made french toast and a grilled cheese sandwich with the white bread and both were fabulous. I tried a vegetarian hot dog on one of their buns and was also pleased. I could not tell the difference between one of their GF buns and a regular hot dog bun.

Kinnikinnick Products are produced in dedicated Gluten/Wheat/Nut/Dairy free facilities that use Soy,  Eggs and Sesame Seeds. Their bread is made with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, contains approximately five grams of fiber per serving and is only about 75 calories per slice.

Those of us with Celiac now have many great options for gluten free bread and can finally say “they put a man on the moon and we can finally buy delicious gluten free bread.”


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