Everyone has a passion in life. Unfortunately not everyone is able to follow their passion and make it their life’s work. My passion has always been trying to help people achieve their goals, whether it was to improve their health or lose weight. My other passion is for dachshunds. I have yet to figure out how to channel that passion into something profitable.

There is a company called Inspiration Mixes that was started by a woman named Debbie and her sister Cathy.  Debbie’s grandson, Sean, was diagnosed with autism and gluten intolerance at 18 months. Debbie was lamenting to Cathy the difficulties of finding good tasting gluten free food for Sean. Cathy figured out that the best way to solve that dilemma was to make their own gluten free products and that is how Inspiration Mixes was started.  Debbie and Cathy have clearly found something they are passionate about that started with an inspiration. Their products are free of gluten, wheat, casein and dairy. They are certified gluten free by GFCO, a division of the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

Debbie was kind enough to send me some samples of their mixes. I tried 3 of them.

I started with Alanah’s Cookie Mix which I used to make chocolate chip cookies.  All you need is the mix, vanilla, eggs, butter, and sugar. When you decide to bake gluten free it is not as simple as substituting one flour for another. You need a combination of different wheat free flours, some of which are not that easy to find. Inspiration Mixes has done the hard work for you. All you need to do is add the wet ingredients, mix and bake. The cookies bake in about 25 minutes and plump up quite a bit. They have more of a cake- like quality to them. They are not overly sweet and they have a rich buttery shortbread flavor to them. I brought them to a BBQ at a friend’s house this weekend and everyone really enjoyed them. One friend said they were delicious and was surprised to hear they were gluten free. I took the remaining cookies home which was a mistake. All night long they were calling my name and I wound up eating 5 of them. They are addictive.

Next I tried the Delicious Chocolate Cake & Brownie Mix . The flour mix is basically the same with the addition of cocoa powder.  The brownies were awesome…dense and chewy with a little bit of a crunch on the outside and moist, delicious chocolate goodness on the inside. They are so good you don’t need any frosting or the addition of chocolate chips. You can also use this mix to make a layered chocolate cake which I am sure would be delicious as well.  I served these fresh out of the oven to company over the weekend without telling them they were gluten free. Just about everyone went back for seconds. They were very surprised they were gluten free.

The third product I tried was the Pancake & Waffle Mix. Again, basically the same flour mix but with the addition of evaporated cane juice, quinoa flour and organic coconut flour. I made pancakes with the mix and topped it with some blueberry syrup that I made from scratch. The pancakes were light and fluffy and absolutely delicious. I have been buying pre-made gluten free pancakes which were just okay. I am switching over to this mix for pancakes from now on. Yes, they require a little more effort than just popping something in the toaster, but they are SO worth it.

Each product includes recipes on the back of the box and Debbie sent me some additional recipes using her products. There are currently 10 mixes and I can’t wait to try their pie crust …….chicken pot pie anyone?

I highly recommend Inspiration Mixes. They will inspire you to make wonderful gluten free products that everyone will love…not just those with Celiac or a wheat allergy.

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