Chip Off The Old Block

Sometimes you just want a salty snack. A carrot just won’t do…you want something salty and crunchy. Maybe once a week I break down and eat a bag of chips……but I make sure they are the healthy version, like one of the chips I am reviewing below.

I received free samples of the following to review:

Kays Natural Protein chips- I love these chips. They come in small packs (34g) and the main ingredient is soy protein isolate. I tried the lemon-herb and the nacho chili cheese which are my favorites (and the most crunchy), but the other flavors are excellent as well. With 10g of protein per serving and not too many carbs, these make for a satisfying/healthy snack. Each 34 gram bag contains about 120 calories, 12 grams of  protein and  11 net carbs

R W Garcia Chips –These chips cover all the bases- they are thick, but not too thick, crunchy with excellent flavor and not too much salt. They hold up well when dipping into salsa as they do not break easily. Most chips on the market use GMO corn and contain a lot of trans fats. These are certified non GMO, contain no trans fat and are gluten free. If you are used to eating chips from the supermarket that are greasy and salty these will surprise you in a good way. They make a large variety of chips from yellow and blue corn to my favorites…the 3 seed curry and mango flavor Dippers. The Dippers all contain brown flaxseed and black sesame seeds which give them a unique flavor and crunch. If you are looking for a healthy version of tortilla chips these fit the bill nicely and are quite good.

Enjoy Life- Plentils (crunchy lentil chips). Potato, soy, sweet potato and now……lentils! And why not! These are down-right addictive. I tried their margherita pizza, dill and sour cream, garlic and parmesan and light sea salt.  I brought them to a get together with friends the other day and everyone wanted to know what they were because they wanted to buy them. They are really good eaten right out of the bag because they are light and extremely crunchy, lighter than most chips on the market. The margherita pizza flavor is very authentic and satisfied my craving for pizza. I especially like the fact that they are relatively low in calories…..31 pieces contain 130 calories and that’s a lot of chips. So no guilt here! This is the 3rd Enjoy Life product I have tried and they have a winner once again. All of their products are free of the 8 known allergens, contain no artificial or GMO ingredients.

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