Lip Smackin’ Good

I have been wearing make-up since I was about 18. Some women are naturally beautiful and can go out with nothing but a little Chapstick on their lips. Oh how I envy them. I unfortunately am not one of these women, which is why I almost never leave the house without, at the very least, a little lip-gloss.

Lately it has come to my attention that the stuff we put on our faces could be as dangerous and toxic as the stuff we put in out mouths if it is not safe and organic. So I started to do a little research and here is what I found.

An article that talks about lead in lipstick:

An article about the possible link between breast cancer and make-up:

They are finding traces of the harmful ingredients in most make-up in our body tissues so year and years or even decades, like me, of using make-up is cause for concern. And in my research I found an awesome company who came up with a formulation for lipstick that is not only safe…but gluten free!

The folks at Red Apple Lipstick were kind enough to send me a free sample of 2 of their lipsticks to try and I have been using them for the last few weeks.

Their lipsticks come in a cute little pouch and the lipsticks themselves come in a very cute little silver casing. I picked 2 shades from their website and when I received them they were very true to the picture color-wise so I made a good choice. I like bold colors so I picked the Reddy or Not and Berry Blast. The first thing I noticed was that they are almost scent-free. I am very sensitive to smells, especially in make-up, so this was important. The lipstick goes on very smooth and glossy and it barely feels like I am wearing any lipstick at all. When a lipstick is too thick it feels awful. I found that it stayed on for most of my day, even after 2 meals and a few cups of tea.

But the best part about using this lipstick is knowing that I am putting something on my face that is not toxic. They are gluten free, paraben free ,allergen free and contain vitamin E which is actually good for you. According to their web site, most cosmetic companies use parabens because they extend the shelf life of the make-up but parabens are one of the chemicals found in women’s breast tissue.

The lipsticks cost about the same as a department store lipstick (about $23.50) but if you send in a tube of your old lipstick they will send you a tube of their lipstick at a reduced price ($10.99). They also have a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose…except a little lead, paraben, red dyes etc……

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