Great For Eating, Not Packaging

Rice cakes…bleh! If you have ever eaten one you probably think …styrofoam texture and no taste.Great for packaging, not eating.

Corn cakes however are another story. Real Foods company makes a product called Corn Thins. They look like a thinner version of a rice cake but the similarity ends there.

The kind folks are Real Foods were nice enough to send me a few free samples to try all the way from Australia.

Made from sun-ripened corn, they are extra crunchy and slightly salted. They are fantastic on their own but even better with a little almond butter and sliced banana or tomato and avocado. With only 23 calories and 4 grams of carbs per slice they are a great low cal/low carb treat. The flaxseed/soy, sesame,original and flavored corn thins are gluten free.  I had the pleasure of trying devouring an entire bag of the tasty cheese flavor. If you love a salty/cheesy flavored snack you will love these as much as I did.Oh, they are also GMO free and made with all natural ingredients. The cheese flavor are a little hard to find but so worth it if you do find them.  Highly recommended!

They also make a version of rice cakes. Because they are sliced thinner and use brown rice instead of white rice, they are also quite delicious and have a slightly nutty taste. Also highly recommended!!

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