The Ultimate Comfort Food

Whenever I feel ill and my appetite is suffering, I always go for rice pudding. To me, it is the ultimate comfort food.  And even better than rice pudding….tapioca pudding. Yum!

I received some free samples of Kozy Shack’s rice, tapioca, and chocolate and vanilla puddings to try. They make an original,  lactose-free and  sugar- free version. I tried them all. They come in cute little individual cup servings which I love because when it comes to any kind of pudding I could eat a few containers of this stuff and still want more. I have one small snack cup a night before bed. The sugar-free version has only 70 calories and about 11 net carbs. It satisfies my craving for something sweet and comforting.

I could barely tell the difference between the regular and sugar free variety. The sugar free version was slightly less sweet but still sweet enough. The pudding was smooth and creamy and the rice was soft, not chewy. I love tapioca. It has such a cool mouth-feel/texture to it and this was definitely my favorite. The original version has more calories (about 130) which is still fine for a snack. The lactose-free pudding was a little darker in color but tasted just as good as the original. I loved them all. I tried adding raisins and a little cinnamon to the rice pudding which just made a good thing even better. They are all delicious! I also tried their regular chocolate and vanilla puddings which were awesome as well.  All of their puddings are gluten-free and kosher. Highly recommended!

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