Just a Hint…..

Occasionally when I am at the supermarket I find myself standing behind a mom with her kids.  I like to sneak a peek in their shopping cart to see what they are buying. Usually I am appalled and have to hold my tongue. Even worse than their food choices are their drink choices. Their carts are filled with sodas and juices. I think in a lot of cases, some moms think that juice is a better choice than soda for their kids. In some ways they are, as juice does not contain phosphoric acid (in soda) which is said to leach calcium from our bones or caffeine… but some juices contain preservatives and added sugar as well and most contain very little actual juice. And then there is the fact that the juice was probably extracted weeks or months ago and has lost its vital enzymes. That leaves water and fructose , which is another name for sugar.

So what should you drink? The best choice would be filtered water or freshly squeezed juice. However, most people do not like the taste of water or have the time or money to spend on a juicer.

As far as water goes, there are a ton of choices out there. The waters that contain vitamins are not necessarily a good choice because the vitamins most likely are synthetic. Bottled water tastes like……bottled water. Not too exciting.

I recently recveived free samples of Hint Premium Essence Water. The concept behind the product is basic:  pure water with just a “hint” of natural flvors. They do not contain any added sugar or sweeteners.

They come in an interesting plastic bottle with a great label. The bottle has a wide mouth which is nice for a change. And I love their choice of exotic flavors like watermelon, raspeberry-lime and pear. Now this product is called Hint for a reason. The flavoring is very subtle…you can smell it, but you can barely taste it. Less is more in this case. If you like the taste of plain water you will like this because it gives it a tiny burst of flavor, like slightly jazzed up water. It tastes like water with the essence of the fruit for flavoring. You can buy a variety pack of (12) 16 ounce bottles in various flavors. When cold they are very refreshing. I took them along on a hike with friends and everyone really liked them.

I saw at their website that they are introducing a new sparkling version called Hint Fizz. I look forward to trying this as well. One of my favorite ways to enjoy sparking water is with a little bit of stevia mixed in so it almost tastes like a healthy version of a soda.

I recommend this product as a healthy alternative to most drinks on the market today.


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One Response to Just a Hint…..

  1. Mmm ooks good, great way to stay hydrated when the thought of plain water is just too boring 🙂

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