Savor This!

With the fairly recent popularity of gluten-free products, it seems like a new GF products hits the market every couple of days. As a result, it is hard to keep up. That’s why I was happy to hear about a  new company called Savorfull. Savorfull is the brain-child of Nutritionist CEO and Founder Stacy Goldberg, MPH, RN, BSN. The idea behind Savorfull is to introduce you each month to new wheat, dairy and peanut free products.  When you join Savorfull you will receive a monthly tasting box with 5 products hand picked by Stacy and her team and a username and password which gives you access to all sorts of information about the products including nutritional information and recipes using the products you receive. Kind of like a healthier version of cookie or cheese of the month club catering to those with food sensitivities. Each Monthly Tasting Box includes small to full size samples of products that the folks at Savorfull think you will love. I received a free sample box recently and it reminded me of when I used to receive gift boxes from my mom full of my favorite foods. Part of the fun is that you have no idea what you will receive. You can choose a 1, 6, 12 month or gift subscription.

The box that I received included

 Jessicas Natural Granola- this was a sample bag and just enough for breakfast or enough to top 2 yogurts. The granola had a nice vanilla/maple flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. Their granola is made with certified gluten free oats.  When you join Savorfull and log into your account you will see recipes utilizing the sample products i.e….they have a very yummy sounding gluten free apple crisp that is made with this granola. I can’t wait to try this easy-delicious sounding recipe.
Funky Monkey Jivealime- Funky Monkey uses a freeze drying process that somehow turns a piece of fruit into a crunchy snack, almost like a potato chip. The sample included in the box was JacaLime (pineapple with lime). I love pineapple and I love lime and the two together were very tasty, although maybe slightly too sour for me. But I loved the crunchy texture and the fact that there was no added sugar. Each ounce contains  3 servings of fruit, a very easy tasty way to get your servings of fruit in for the day.
 Jovial Brown Rice Pasta- I have reviewed this product before. A sample bag of this pasta was included. Jovial pasta is made in Italy where they have lots of experience with gluten free pasta.  Most gluten free pasta is not very good. Jovial pasta can go up against any wheat pasta on the market. It is fabulous.
 Live Smart Bar Fit Cookie- My friend tested out this cookie for me and really liked it and said it was very filling. She was tired of the bars on the market and said it was nice to eat a wholesome healthy cookie for a change for breakfast.
LiveSmart Flax bar in original flavor and chocolate flavor- the main ingredient in these flax bars are… guessed it…flax seeds. Flax seeds are loaded with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and high in fiber. I usually add ground flax to my yogurt or cottage cheese and even soup but this is another tasty way to eat your flax.  The taste of flax takes a little getting used to but I love and crave it now. These bars are high in fiber and relatively low in calories (under 100)
Home Free cookies- the box included a sample bag of their vanilla cookies. I have not tasted a bad gluten free cookie lately and these are no exception. Small and round and very crunchy they taste almost exactly like a Nilla vanilla wafer but much crunchier. Actually they taste exactly like animal crackers to me. I really liked them and was kind of glad the bag was small because I could have eaten 3 times as many.
I really enjoyed my sample box overall and each of the sample foods in it. They are foods I will probably include in my diet from now on. The boxes are just $15 a month and the shipping is free.  I think signing up for a monthly Savorfull box is a great way to try out new allergy/wheat free products and at $15 it is priced just right for what you get. You will definitely look forward to receiving your box every month full of tasty goodies. Stacy mentioned to me that next month they will have a strictly gluten free box. If you give the service a try for one month I think you will be hooked!

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