Decadent AND Healthy

enjoy lifeEnjoy Life kindly sent me free samples of their new soft baked bars for review. I have reviewed their products before, so I was looking forward to trying them.

I’ve mentioned before that I am a grazer. I eat many small meals throughout the day. I usually like to have a piece of fruit or some kind of protein or low carb bar as one of those meals to satisfy my sweet cravings. Most of the protein bars on the market do not appeal to me. I don’t like the texture or taste, so I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite.

It can’t be easy to make a yummy baked product free of the 8 common allergens including dairy, nuts, wheat, egg and soy but Enjoy Life has done it. The bars are really delicious. They are sort of in-between a bar that is all fruit and nuts and one that does contain some wheat. They have a nice chewy texture and are sweet enough to satisfy those sugar cravings. They are sweetened with tapioca syrup and brown pure cane sugar. Other healthy ingredients are quinoa, raisins, amaranth, and infused dried orange peel.

I tried their cinnamon bun, smores, chocolate sunbutter and cherry cobbler flavors. If you love sunbutter you will love the sunbutter flavor. It really comes through without overpowering the bar. I love anything with cinnamon in it so the cinnamon bun flavor is my favorite and the cherry cobbler is a close second.

The bars average about 130 calories which is just right for a snack. They are not low-carb, so if you are on a low-carb diet, like I am, do not go crazy.

Just because a product is gluten or nut-free does not mean it is 100% gluten or nut-free.  Enjoy Life is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) and their products are made in a dedicated nut-free and certified gluten-free facility so you can feel safe eating their products if you do have allergies or gluten sensitivity.

If you have food allergies and are looking for a safe, tasty treat, you won’t be disappointed. I give them 2 thumbs-up!!!


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